Our Wedding Date: May 4, 2013

The Story of Our Engagement

  • As cliche as this may sound, the day Justin asked me to marry him was truly the best day of my life! The proposal was an absolute surprise to me and it was so romantic, like something you would see in a movie. In the year and a half we had been dating we had fallen so madly in love and had developed such a deep connection that I knew we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives. I must admit that I had been watching for "signs" that he was about to pop the question but I hadn't picked up on any. So, even though I knew it was coming eventually,  I had no idea it would be that day. It was June 2nd, 2012. We had just arrived in Panama City, Florida for vacation and went to take a stroll on the beach at sunset before going to dinner. As we were walking and talking Justin suddenly stopped me and told me to watch where I was walking because I was about to "ruin someone's big night" and he pointed down at the sand. There, someone had written "Will you marry me?" in big letters. I looked around excitedly to see if I could find the happy couple who had just gotten engaged but they didn't seem to be in sight. When I turned back around to look at Justin, he was down on one knee holding out a breathtaking, sparkling ring. Then it hit me. The message in the sand was for ME! WE were the happy couple! He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him. I cannnot even put into words how incredibly perfect that moment was. Of course, the only answer to that question was "Yes"! I know that I am very blessed. I truly cannot wait to be Mrs. Justin Stamey and live life together with the man of my dreams!

    Added on Mon, Jan 21st 2013